We come to work for each other

Our Team

Loblaw is one of the largest employers in the country, providing Canadians from coast to coast with grocery, pharmacy, health and beauty, and apparel products.

Working with a trusted brand that has the ability to reach consumers of all ages and backgrounds means that people expect big things from us. Whether that means building the best and most innovative online shopping experiences or designing apps that will impact the lives of people from across the country, we are up to the challenge.

Jeremy Pee
SVP, e-Commerce

Herman Paek
VP, Product & Technology

Sherry Robertson
Sr. Director, Business Support

Karamjot Bains
VP, e-Commerce

Victoria Brooksbank
Executive Assistant

Ruslan Doroshenko
Dev Ops Engineer

Bryce Clarke
Sr. Manager, QA

Mikey Kniazeff
Technical Lead, QA

Alexander Gits
Sr. Analyst, QA

Bjorn Ramroop
Sr. Analyst, QA

Kevin Chan
Technical Project Manager

Justin Commu
Sr. Test Automation Engineer

Jamil Abou-Saleh
Director, Data Science

Amr Hiram
Director, Technology Services

Graham Losee
Sr. Developer

Elvis Do
Manager, Application Operations & Support

Cantek Batur
Sr. Developer (iOS)

Harbinder Mann
Sr. Developer

Chris Cooper
Sr. Developer

Nathan Arnold
Sr. Front End Developer

Michael Morckos
Sr. Developer

Angela Goralski
Technical Project Manager

Prakash Rajendran
Support Specialist

Kristian Reyes
Sr. Developer

Steve Westenzweig
Sr. Developer

Sean Tozer
Development Lead

Aziz Kara
Sr. Director of Product Management

Nashib Qadri
Director of Product Management

Jenny Diep
Product Designer

Adam Brace
Product Designer

Luke Lockhart
Sr. Product Manager

Howard Chan
Director of Product Management

Matt Dudman
Sr. Product Manager

Jonathan Lau
Product Manager

Mindy Seto 
Sr. Product Designer 

Samantha Yuan
Sr. Product Designer

Umer Farooq
Sr. Product Manager

Dushan Tharmalingam
Product Manager

Emily Beavis 
Sr. Product Manager

Richard Strauss
Product Manager

Lauren Steinberg
Sr. Director, e-Commerce Marketing

Antonella De Leo
Sr. Marketing Manager, e-Commerce Beauty

Leanne Kirby
Sr. Marketing Manager, e-Commerce Grocery

Kaitlin Bernard
Sr. Copywriter

Sarah Bellstedt
Sr. Copywriter

Melissa da Silva
Sr. Manager, Design & Production

Ashley Williams
Manager, Digital Marketing

Brittany Timmings
Graphic Designer

Joel MacLeod
Senior Graphic Designer

Sophia Leonard
Production Specialist

Adam Jardine
Director, Marketing

Nick Swami
Specialist, Email Marketing

Amir Chaudhry
Sr. Marketing Manager - Online Grocery

Jessica McLeod
Production Specialist

Sarah Bugeja
Manager, Demand Generation

Linda Ferreira
Manager, Digital Marketing

Jordanne Dyck
Specialist, Demand Generation

Frances Kim
Specialist, Demand Generation

Steven Nascimben
Content Category Analyst

Ashley Geen
Content Category Analyst

David Lam
Content Category Analyst

Cian O'Ruanaidh
Content Category Analyst

Karly Tozer
Sr. Manager, Strategy e-Commerce & Omni Channel

Steve Hollingsworth
Sr. Director, e-Commerce Trading - Beauty

Aurore Billou
Manager, e-Commerce Trading - Beauty

Ashley Moraca
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading - Beauty

Jeff Kolenc
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading

Dominic Melliss
Sr. Director, e-Commerce Trading - Grocery

Alex Dale
Sr. Manager, e-Commerce Trading - Grocery

Dmytro Savchenko
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading - Grocery

Greg Master
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading - Grocery

Kourtney Ramsay-Thames
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading - Joe Fresh

Ralph Faminial
Manager, e-Commerce Trading  - Grocery

Brad Abbott
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading - Grocery

Megan Kwon
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading - Grocery

Shirley Lee
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading - Grocery

Kim Nguyen
Sr. Director, e-Commerce Trading - Joe Fresh

Stacey Headon
Sr. Manager, e-Commerce Trading - Joe Fresh

Dexter Chu
Sr. Analyst, e-Commerce Trading - Joe Fresh

Laura Speigel
Manager, e-Commerce Trading - Joe Fresh

David Ghent
Sr. Area Manager

Jacob MacArthur
Area Manager

Safi Hafiz-Zadeh
Sr. Area Manager

Cydney Moore
Customer Experience Analyst

Karthik Nadella
Sr Supply Chain Analyst

Olivia John
Director, Operations

Benjamin Rodriguez
Process Improvement Engineer

Nicole Beepath
Implementation Specialist

Michelle Woodruff
Manager, Experiential Marketing

Tyler Pott
Senior Coordinator, Store Launch

Kathryn Thompson
Training Specialist

Christianna Oickle
Manager, Store Launch

Raul Sukraj
Sr. Project Manager

Sonja Markanovich
Training Specialist

Craig Reed
Sr. Manager, Customer Experience

Matt Gordon
Store Rollout Lead

Heidi McLaughlin
Sr. Customer Experience Analyst

Stephanie Walker
Customer Experience Analyst

Andrew Kim
Director of Operations

Colin Sweenie
Sr. Area Manager

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