Our Design Values

We’re hiring experienced designers and researchers for our incredible Product Design team. Join us to help bring these six core values to our customers.


Raise the Bar

“Good enough” and “just okay” aren’t in our vocabulary. We consistently strive for excellence by asking how we could have done things better while challenging ourselves and others to step outside our comfort zones. 


Customer at the Centre

From day one, our mission has been to build digital products and deliver experiences  that solve real problems and simplify the lives of Canadians. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer with every decision we make remains fundamental to our success.  


Ship Often

We ship and we ship often. It’s because we like to iterate based on what is and isn’t working for our customers (rather than being trapped in an echo chamber of our own opinions). We’ll take continuous improvement over perfection any day of the week. 


Powered by Data

Facts, figures, numbers, percentages, qualitative, quantitative—we can’t get enough. Data helps us learn about our customers, products, and businesses. We then pair that data with context and our customer centric mindset to answer the “why?” of every decision we make. 


Further Together

Those who thrive at Loblaw Digital continually put the team’s success ahead their individual wins. Few tech startups can say they have a 100-year-old, $50 billion enterprise rooting for them. Even fewer can say that company is the key to their success. When we win the war, let’s win it together.


Act Like an Owner

We move at a rapid-fire pace in our never-ending quest to change the way Canadians live their lives. Don’t let these lofty objectives cloud your ability to think and act in the best interest of the company. Always ask yourself what you would do if it was your money, your product, and your team on the line.


Let’s Talk

We’re hiring Product Designers, Design Leads and Researchers to work across all of our national businesses: PC Express, Loblaw, Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh and many more. Share some of your details, and we’ll reach out to meet!

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