Our Culture

We have created a culture that breeds and attracts thinkers and makers. That means we like to build modern things and push people out of their comfort zone to think bigger than they ever thought possible. We provide everyone with the tools they need to feel empowered and motivated to do their best work.  Sound interesting? Scroll for more team vibes.


“I come to work every day with a smile on my face knowing I get to work with amazing and talented people here.

Everyone is motivated and extremely intelligent, and they all want to work collaboratively to solve problems. It just makes things so much easier and so much more gratifying.”


Our Loblaw Digital Hackathons create an opportunity for people across all different parts of the organization to get together, collaborate and push the boundaries of what’s possible by bringing new, innovative products and features to life. Simply put, it's a chance to do something outside of their daily norms while still solving critical customer problems. Our teams ideate, code, design and build throughout the night and needless to say, it's an exciting, intense and rewarding 24 hours.



The Future Starts Here

We are at the forefront of retail technology, developing innovative products and solutions that are transforming Canadians’ everyday lives and shaping the future of an entire industry.

Empowering Your Ambition

We empower a team of highly motivated individuals to reach their goals. We recognize their hard work and reward their achievements.

Be True to Yourself

We understand the benefits of friendship in the workplace. We embrace positive group dynamics by cultivating a friendly, welcoming + inclusive work environment where teamwork is vital and employees can be their true selves.


Justin is a bifurcation of computer scientist and anthropologist with a passion for reducing toil in the world. He cut his teeth at Loblaw Digital creating developer friendly test frameworks and now focuses on tooling that increases colleague productivity. From planetary scale Kubernetes clusters to slack apps for onboarding, nothing is off limits. To pull off these feats, he looks to his Productivity Engineering team who’s mission is to ‘Reduce Toil, Increase Happiness, and Get Sh!t Done. Outside of work, you will likely find Justin tinkering on fire breathing art cars destined for Burning Man, a hobby which affords him the opportunity to work with talented engineers and artists who are helping to shape the future of technology.


At Loblaw Digital we believe the customer should always be at the center of our decisions. For Productivity Engineering, that customer is our fellow colleagues.

How cool is that!




Interested in joining us?

We're hiring for roles in virtually every functional area, including technology, product management, growth, digital marketing & operations.