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We use intelligent design principles, cutting edge technology and a growth mindset to build, operate + evolve experiences uniquely attuned to today's savvy consumer. Whether it's apparel, beauty, food or health - to us, the products you buy are no more important than how you choose to buy them. And should you choose to buy them online, we've got you covered. Check out some of our latest projects below.


Online Grocery

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For time-strapped Canadians, a trip to the grocery store is often another thing to add to an already long to-do list. However, that to-do list is a whole lot more manageable thanks to Loblaw’s PC Express service, whereby you can pre-order groceries online for easy pick up when and where it’s convenient to you—a reserved PC Express parking spot at your preferred store, a PC Express self serve kiosk at your local Shoppers Drug Mart, or (commuters rejoice!) designated Ontario GO Stations. It’s the perfect solution, designed to free up time for what’s important.

The team at Loblaw Digital launched the service in 2014 as Click&Collect and over the past several years have focused on scalability and acquisition. We’ve recently launched mission teams who, as a lean and agile team collectively focus on one single outcome and are given all the tools to make it happen – 5 Minute Pickup, 1st Time Customer Experience are just two of the many highly focused teams continuing to perfect our online grocery business. Interested in getting involved? We’re hiring!


PC Optimum

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When 2 become 1. The merging of two of Canada's favourite loyalty programs to create PC Optimum was perhaps the most ambitious project we’ve been part of to date. Shoppers Optimum, a mature program synonymous with loyalty in the Canadian market with over 11 Million collectors, and PC Plus, a relatively young loyalty program in Canada but widely adopted with over 8 Million collectors. Understanding the passion members had for each of these programs (we’re talking serious passion here), teams worked in lock step with members to ensure that the digital touch points were seamless, simple and provided members with a digital experience that perfectly complimented the phyiscal program. The launch of PC Optimum was more than launching a site and app, it required intricate integration into our existing eCommerce properties and apps which required true cross enterprise collaboration. It stimulated a new way of working across the enterprise with open dialogue, healthy debate across teams, and informed data based decision making. We learned a ton along the way and are dedicated to evolving the product based on feedback and testing.

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Joe Fresh

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JoeFresh.com was the first online business we launched at Loblaw Digital. Given the performance of apparel in e-commerce, this was a natural first choice. What it wasn’t however, was easy. We were simultaneously building two things from scratch - a multi-million dollar transactional site and a team that was going to help us launch and exponentially grow this to be the best performing online apparel business in Canada. Glad to report that we succeeded at both. JoeFresh.com embodied some of our earliest principles: a test & learn approach to ensure we’re building based on customer need, responsive design to meet the customers evolving behaviors, simple and clean UX to deliver a frictionless experience, and customer first; in everything from assortment to delivery. Since bringing Joe Fresh to life online, we continue to see the digital presence flourish. We’re particularly excited about our mobile apps that aren’t just for online shopping but also arm our brick & mortar customers with all the information they need when shopping in our stores. We understand the customer needs are shifting and expectations are becoming greater and we’re excited about what that means for us as we build the next best shopping experience for JF fans across the country.


Online Beauty by Shoppers Drug Mart

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Connecting Canadians with their luxury beauty needs, beautyboutique.ca launched in 2015 and represented the third online business launched by Loblaw Digital in just 3 years. A small, but nimble, cross functional team led the charge in growing the prestige beauty portfolio online through rigorous A/B testing, ongoing site optimizations and integration with retail. But they didn’t stop there. They set their eyes on offering the entire in-store beauty assortment online and in 2018 they successfully accomplished that mission with the introduction of shoppersdrugmart.ca/beauty giving the customer ultimate access to their favourite beauty products. This integrated hub allowed for the purchase of everyday beauty cosmetics alongside the existing luxury beauty assortment and provided a single destination for the beauty shopper. The team continues to operate as a lean but strong unit focused on the founding principles of ongoing testing and optimization that helped propel the business in its early days. We have bold ambitions for this business and are excited to continue bringing customer new and seamless ways to discover and be inspired by their favourite beauty brands online.


Digital Pharmacy

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Managing your prescriptions on an ongoing basis can be cumbersome and for those living with chronic illnesses it can be a full time job. We recognized that. We also recognized that the traditional process of refilling a prescription had a lot a room for improvement. In an effort to help our patients better manage their prescription and to encourage adherence to their medication we introduced mypharmacy.shoppersdrugmart.ca. This platform, which is a first of its kind in Canada, allows patients to not only refill and transfer prescriptions but also set refill reminders via SMS or email and digitally manage their own prescriptions. But that was just the MVP. After our initial launch the team connected with our users and learned that many of them are also managing the prescription profile of a loved one. Our answer: Caregiver. This fast follow functionality now allows users to digitally manage the prescription history and refills for those who need them the most. Our team on digital pharmacy is truly passionate about the healthcare space and is dedicated to the mission of helping Canadians live life well. Inspired by helping others? Reach out. We’re hiring!