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Strive: The 2019 UXR Conference

Kristina Rostorotsky, Loblaw Digital


THANK YOU FOR JOINING ME at this year’s uxr conference!

More and more designers are expected to conduct hands-on research. But how do you know you’re doing it the “right” way? And how do you juggle design and research on daily basis?

Whether you are a designer at a small startup or a large organization, this talk gave you 5 ways to be a more effective researcher—and feel more confident in the process. We also discussed some fears around doing research the “right” way—let’s face it, we’ve all had them. You got a window into UX research at Loblaw Digital with real examples of small wins and plenty of hard learned lessons.


The Presentation Deck

This talk was about fears and challenges for designers doing research, and also about the exact opposite - our unique strengths.


We’re Hiring at Loblaw Digital!

We’re hiring a Researcher to work across all of our national businesses: PC Express, Loblaw, Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh and many more. Share some of your details, and we’ll reach out to meet!

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