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BLND Conference Workshop

Facilitated by Kristina Rostorotsky, Loblaw Digital



In this workshop, we dove deep into arguably the most important part of any design process - discovery. We learned advanced discovery techniques that are often not taught in D school and are skipped at work. We practiced answering pivotal questions to uncover the full context for any project: Who will fund the product/service? Who will build it? What is the environment in which the product/service will operate? How do we validate the riskiest assumptions quickly?

The workshop was designed to simulate the design discovery process, where things unfold in real time, with surprises along the way. I hope that you found it valuable. Here are the resources that we worked with:


The Workshop Deck

Why do products fail and features go unused? Even if you listen to the customer – and your stakeholders – it’s hard to know the full context.

In this workshop we practiced running experiments to get the full view of any design problem.

The Canvases

adapted from lean startup machine

These canvases could be used to explore design problems of any size, from tweaking a headline on a landing page to validating a new product idea.


Hypotheses Canvas

The Hypotheses Canvas helps you define your customer, problem and solution hypotheses.


Design Experiments Canvas

The Design Experiments canvas helps you come up with experiments based on the assumptions present in your hypotheses.


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